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Bathroom Lighting
Where can they go?
IP rating

Zones 2,3 (IP44 +)

Zone 3 only

Where can they go?

Careful attention must be made when specifying Lighting for wet areas, such as bathrooms.

There are a number of rules regarding the manufacture and installation of Lights within a bathroom. A full set of these rules can be found in the IEE wiring regulations (16th Edition).

However, we have provided a general guide here, to assist you with your selection of Fittings.

1. Which Zone?
You must first decide where exactly you intend for the Lights to be fitted. This positioning will place the Light in a specified Zone within the bathroom. Please go to Zoning for more details.

2. What IP rating?
This positioning will dictate to what degree of protection the Light requires against the ingress of liquids. This level of protection is called an IP rating. Please go to IP rating for more details.

3. View our selection.
Once you have determined the IP rating required for your fitting, please select the relevant category from the menu on the left of the screen, to view our current selection of fittings.

IP44 rated Ceiling Light

IP44 rated Ceiling Lights can be found in the Category: Zones 2,3(IP44+), Ceiling.